Let Us Help You Design and Build Your Kajabi Website

Avoid start-up frustration.  
Avoid mistakes that cost you time and money.
Get it done right. Get it done faster.

Below are 3 options to  help you get started.  Choose the plan that best suits your status. 


Our goal is to get you running so that you keep running.

Option 1 - 28 Days Trial of Kajabi for Free
plus 5 hours of free consulting time from experienced personnel

Get your system started and see for yourself how easy it is...with no risk.

  • 5 hours of free consulting time for coaching, site setup, training
  • get up a Kajabi account with access to full functionality
  • free consulting session with a Kajabi Success Coach
  • access to online chat and email support from Kajabi
  • at the end of 28 days, proceed with your account purchase, or cancel
  • No money up front.  No obligation.  No risk.
Yes. Sign Me Up For The 28 Day Free Trial

Option 2 - Start now and get 10 hours of free consulting

This is for you if you are ready to get going and you want a deal and you want a quick, sure way to start.

  • set up a Kajabi account now because you know you want to get going
  • get a block of 10 hours of consultation time from Michael Finch Academy. Use the time for training or for building your site or both.
  • step-by-step guidance so that you always know what to do next
  • free use of our project templates built over dozens of Kajabi projects

Use the button below to sign up your account.   We will contact you as soon as you have this step complete.

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Option 3 - Free Consultation and Private Kajabi Demo

This is for people who aren't sure if they are ready yet.   At the end of this call you will know how ready you are or aren't and you will have an idea of costs.

  • we will spend 2 hours on a Zoom call with you demonstrating Kajabi and assessing your status and readiness
  • we help you look at the costs and where some savings might be
  • includes an online assessment to help us analyze your readiness
  • includes advice and tips on how to get started and what you need to be successful
Yes I would like a free consult to assess my needs