We know Kajabi. 
We have been using Kajabi since 2013.  We are known as Kajabi Founders.  We have built many sites and online courses for many customers in many industries including medical/health, crafts, sports (hockey), financial (stock market advisors), food/nutritional, spiritual, and more.
No matter your area of expertise, we can help you get up and running and avoid mistakes.  

Done for you.  Done with you.   Just training.  Just support.  You tell us what you need and how you want to work with us.

Here are 3 ways we can help you get started.

Yes, Zoom is easy to use. Anyone can create a meeting.  But until you know how to really use Zoom and all of the features it offers, your meetings are less than what they could be.  We have been using Zoom since 2015.  We know so many little tips and tricks to make your presentations more engaging and more professional. Let us show you best practices for how to run meetings online.

Then we show you how to incorporate those meetings into your online coaching program because a blended model of self-study and live calls is THE most effective teaching method.

Video Poster Image

In a world getting filled with video, you need to be different in order to make your videos stand out and get noticed.   We use a variety of video editing tools including Adobe Premier, Camtasia and Doodly that enable us to be creative.
Watch our demonstration video to show you some ideas and what's possible.

Audio is rapidly gaining popularity because of easy it is to access and listen to. Do you do podcasts?   Audio lectures?  Meditations?   You need a strategy for how to publish them on your site which is not straight forward.   And in our opinion, every video in your online course probably should also have an audio-only version of for the people who prefer listening to watching.   We can help to add in music background, special effects, intros and outtros,

Designing and creating graphics and banners for your website is more than just grabbing free images off of the internet.  You need to be unique, you need to have a color strategy and you need to be able to size your images to fit into the different locations in Kajabi. 

We will design and create new images, or we will find new ones for you, or we will work with the images you give us.

It is not sufficient today today to simply create some website pages and expect people to find them.  You need to know how to optimize Kajabi's pages for SEO and you need to know how to work with Google's tools like Sitemaps, analytics, page design, and keywords.  Doing this right can make a big difference to having your customers find you.  

When it comes to creating sales funnels and email campaigns in Kajabi, it is easy enough to build the pages and edit the emails.   Where our customers need help is in the design...the strategy...the business process.   What happens when someone opts in or makes a purchase.?  Do you use a sequence of thank-you pages?  Do you use pop-ups and two-step optins or double optins?    What makes a good Welcome email?

Facebook is one of if not the most effective advertising medium today.  Do you want to use it?  Yes.  Do you want to learn how to do ads?  No you don't.  Leave that to the experts.  So when it comes to Facebook advertising, we know how to set up your campaigns and MONITOR them to adjust in accordance to the results.  It is also important to coordinate the look of and the message in your Facebook ads with the sales pages that the ads link to in your Kajabi site.   Consistency is mandatory to get good conversion.

We can help with all of this. 

How are we different?   2 ways.

1.  Building a website is a project. To do it right there is a process.

We know how to guide you through YOUR project so that it gets done right, in less time and with less stress for you.

We give you:

  • project templates so that you can see what steps are required, what comes first, what comes second, etc
  • training at each step of the way so that you can operate the key functions independently without being dependent on us
  • a System Guide at the end of the project outlining all of the processes in your system so taht you know how your site works and where to look for things if you need to change them (ie  what happens when a purchase is made, what happens when someone opts-in, etc)

Who else is going to give you all that?

We come equipped with step-by-step project plans and step-by-step guidelines that have been perfected over many years and many projects. This helps you to know what is next and what the scope of work is. You get these for free at the start of your project.


Here are the steps that we can help you with. Use us as much or as little as necessary to complete your project:

2.  Every project needs a team. 

We are your team with ALL the skills that you need for your project.

We are a team of experts in Kajabi and Zoom, but we are way more than Kajabi and Zoom...we bring skills that other companies don't have including SEO optimization, video and audio editing, video production and animation, graphics design and editing, plus services to do strategize and build your Facebook advertising.   We bring to your project over 100 years of combined experience in business, IT, communications, graphics design, video, audio, and marketing.  

You may need all of these skills in your project at one time or another.
But you can pick and choose which ones you need at any time.

Why is this important to you?  
Well, we have been working with Kajabi for 7 years and Zoom for 5 years.  We not only know where the strengths and weaknesses are but also how to get around those weaknesses.   We have learned so many little tricks.  We know how to do all of the things that are not so obvious and definitely not so intuitive. 

Our commitment to you.  We will:

  • get it done right or we will fix it
  • help you to avoid pitfalls and mistakes in configuring the software that could cost you time, money and customers
  • take care of ALL of the technology so that you can focus on what you do best - your business
  • get your site up and running faster so that you can start making money sooner

Kajabi and Zoom are software platforms that you could probably learn on your own but not without a LOT of pain and a LOT of time and a LOT of mistakes.  
👉  We therefore hope you will trust us when we say YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS ALONE.  UNLESS YOU LOVE PAIN, IT AIN'T WORTH IT.